Online Store Management

Are you prepared to boost your sales and enhance your brand’s international presence? We specialize in creating and managing your Amazon and other marketplace accounts, offering a comprehensive range of services.

Marketplace setup and Configuration

We will take care of opening your store in any marketplace. We will request all the necessary information and handle all the bureaucratic processes involved in opening your store in the countries where you want to sell. Thanks to our acquired experience, we know exactly what you need to open your stores and resolve any issues that may arise along the way.

Once the store opening is completed, we will configure the company data, taxation, invoicing, and national and international shipping details.

Catalog Creation and Publishing

Before publishing your products, we will conduct an audit of your account and a market study to analyze the competition, sales levels, and keywords. Then, we will present the results to jointly decide the best strategy for publishing your products and establish the optimal selling price. The publishing strategy includes the structure of product text publication, SKU, content, search terms, attributes, bulk and parent-child listings, and other details that contribute to winning the buy box.


In order for the product to rank better in customer searches, we conduct keyword audits, text content writing, translations, and multimedia for each marketplace, taking into account the characteristics of each country’s market. We create and manage extended A+ content and your Brand Store in Marketplaces.

We know how important keywords are to improving your brand’s visibility and boosting your organic rankings. That’s why we use the most profitable ones for your product, including long-tail, high-volume keywords unknown to your competitors. Our SEO proficiency allows us to efficiently utilize them to increase and maintain your pages’ conversion rates.

Sales Management

Customer service is one of the keys to success in every marketplace. We will manage your store to ensure impeccable reputation ratios, reviews, stock, returns, and claims so that your customers receive the best possible service.

We have designed a working methodology along with a set of software tools that will continuously monitor the status of your marketplace and sales, providing you with continuous reports on their progress so that you can make better business decisions.

We also monitor every important parameter of your brand and the competition to make data-driven decisions quickly. You will receive a report on the actions carried out in your marketplace, allowing you to evaluate the progress of management at each stage.

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