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Safeguarding your brand’s reputation and image is our top priority. We employ proactive measures to protect your listings from counterfeiting and hijacking, while also monitoring your competitors closely.

Brand Protection and Monitoring

Close Monitoring: we continuously monitor your brand account and activities on any Marketplace to identify and take immediate action against counterfeiters, hijackers, and fake reviews.

Immediate Measures: upon detection of dishonest practices, we swiftly implement measures in accordance with the Marketplace guidelines to protect your brand and hold black-hat practitioners accountable.

Reliable Protection: with our in-depth knowledge of guidelines and standards, we serve as your first line of defense, providing comprehensive protection for your brand against threats in the marketplace.

Defend Your Brand against Hijackers and Counterfeiters

Honest Business Advocates: with years of experience conducting honest business on several marketplaces around the world, we are highly familiar with the platform’s intricacies and equipped with the vigilance needed to identify and combat malicious entities that pose a threat to your brand.

Tactical Solutions: Our team offers effective strategies to detect and mitigate threats posed by hijackers and counterfeiters, ensuring the security and growth of your brand while protecting your business’s interests.

Brand Registry and Intellectual Property Protection

Brand Registry & Protection: we handle the complex process of registering your brand on various marketplaces, meticulously managing each step and submitting the necessary documents. We safeguard your brand against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Intellectual Property Infringement Reporting: we assist in reporting and addressing infringements, including copyright, patent, and trademark violations. We also manage any issues related to Brand Registry applications and facilitate trademark registration in multiple regions.

Reputation and Image Control: we actively monitor and enhance your brand’s reputation, ensuring optimal product performance, increased organic traffic, improved rankings, visibility, and sales. Additionally, we monitor potentially dangerous reviews.

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